Editorial: Waking Up in the West Village

Editorial writing for web publication, waking up in the West village. these descriptive narratives were written using provided interview answers and images.


Waking Up with Luis Fernandez

Luis Fernandez doesn’t need an alarm to wake up every morning. The clock strikes 6:55am and his body can sense that it’s time to wake, scan his phone for urgent emails, devour breakfast, shower, and rush his 6 ½ year old son to get ready as quickly as possible. After walking Finn to kindergarten in their West Chelsea neighborhood, Luis finds time to sneak in a coffee break before heading to work at Craft Atlantic. This morning, he stops into his go-to spot for most meals: Nourish. He glances at the hand-drawn, chalkboard menu and decides to veer from his staple almond milk cappuccino and instead orders an iced almond milk latte. It arrives in a to-go cup (just in case) and Luis takes a seat on a plush bench in the front window of the shop. While paging through a magazine, he lands on a recent article featuring his work as the creative director at Craft Atlantic, alongside other men spearheading the fashion industry. Taking the last sip of his coffee, he packs his favorite Haerfest 125 ARCH backpack and beelines for the nearest citiBike station. His ensemble for the day is streamlined, monochromatic, and topped off with a pair of metallic sneakers, making his commute to work quick and easy. Given his roots as an architect and his impeccable sense of style, it is no surprise that Craft Atlantic is fashion and interior-lovers paradise. The corner windows flood the modern space with light, spotlighting the minimal and streamlined displays. Essential basics intermingle with patterned button-downs on hefty black hangers, and knit sweaters are folded perfectly among backpacks, books, and briefs. A pair of chairs suited for a refined bachelor are positioned in the middle of the room, creating the ideal spot for an Instagram photo, which Luis admits is his favorite app. Upon his arrival, Luis gratefully begins to chip away at his to-do list and anticipates his evening plans. But whether his day ends with dinner at L’Artusi or a drink at Wallflower, we can still be sure that it begins with an eagerness to do work that he loves at Craft Atlantic.


Waking Up with Stephanie Michaan

It’s the beginning of a workday for New York native and interior designer, Stephanie Michaan. She wakes from sleep at the sound of her boyfriend and Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix (also known as Bernoodle), Brennan, playing in the other room. Upon opening her eyes, she gazes around the peaceful, sleek design of the bedroom in her West Village Apartment. On the wall overhead hang two frames containing images of the ocean, and to her right, a fiddle leaf fig in a simple, ceramic pot gratefully soaks up the fresh sunlight that is pouring through the wall-sized window. A minimal and modern alarm clock rests silently atop two books on her bedside table. It reads 7am.

Stephanie exits the sanctuary of her bedroom and is greeted by her enthusiastic, giant teddy bear, Brennan. He knows his days typically begin with a long walk, whether it is through the streets of West Village or off-leash at the beach in Bridgehampton, where they live half of the time. Today is a city day, so rather than preparing her morning brew at home, Stephanie snags a large coffee with steamed almond milk from her favorite shop, The Elk. She takes small sip as she and Brennan stroll down the historical brick roads, savoring this moment of relaxation before she arrives home and kicks her day into high gear.

Even though most days have a packed agenda, Stephanie always tries to squeeze in a workout of either boxing, yoga, pilates, or Refine Method before focusing on business. Today, her calendar is showing that she’s due for an intense boxing session. Once she’s kicked and punched her way through the workout, she whips up her latest obsession: an avocado, honey and homemade almond milk smoothie. Next on the schedule is a meeting in the Hamptons so as soon as the last drop of her delicious breakfast is gone, Stephanie hits the ground running and preps for the day ahead.

After the usual morning routine: shower + hair + makeup, she selects a blue maxi dress that perfectly pops against the neutral interior of her apartment. The vibrant fabric trails behind her as she enters the living room, and for the first time today, she sits on the couch just long enough to slip into a classic, yet modern, black peep-toe mule. A misting of Gypsey Water by Byredo, a swipe of sheer, red Nars lip gloss, and her favorite APC Half Moon over-the-shoulder bag are the final touches added to her effortless look.  As she approaches the door, her wooden heels click against the hardwood floor of her apartment, and the methodic sound of her footsteps follows down the stairs on the front stoop and onto the city sidewalk. It’s another perfect spring day in the West Village and Stephanie is ready for it.


Waking Up with Peter Som

Peter Som, fashion designer, rises without an alarm and effortlessly makes the most of his mornings by staying detached from his phone or laptop for at least fifteen minutes after waking. Instead, he starts the day with inky fingers as he pages through the latest New York Times before consulting his emails or social media accounts. Many mornings begin with a trip to gym, followed by a homemade smoothie of kale, blueberry, banana, whey protein, matcha powder, coconut, and coconut milk, and when feeling a little less ambitious, he indulges in his favorite pre-made smoothie, Greengenes from Juice Generation. Though not all of Peter’s days start off with dumbbells, cables, TRX, or a yoga class. Occasionally, he chooses to fuel up with two eggs, either sunny side up or medium boiled and a mug of french pressed French Roast Peruvian from McNultys, then gets straight to sketching. Having been a West Village resident since 1996, Peter has designed the creative workspace he requires right at home in his modern and perfectly curated apartment, which is the perfect mix of minimalism and playfulness. Perched in the sunlit room off his master bedroom, you will find the office, a quiet, mostly white retreat filled to the brim with colorful pencils and eye-catching books creating an inspiring atmosphere. From the acrylic chair beside a large window, Peter crafts his drawings and enjoys the view of the local hustle on the streets below. It’s in this peaceful space, armed with silence, a pen and paper, coffee, and ideas (the only things he says he needs) that Peter birthed his new line for Anthropologie, launching August 27.  


Waking Up with Jasmine Garnsworthy

7:30am. Jasmine Garnsworthy’s alarm chimes. As she stirs awake, she can hear the clanging of pots and a slight sizzle as her boyfriend prepares breakfast in the kitchen. The aroma of scrambled eggs, fresh basil, and sea salt overtakes her West Village apartment, and Jasmine responds to messages she received overnight all the way from Australia. She grew up in Lae, Papa New Guinea, Brisbane, and Sydney, Australia, and despite the huge gap in time zones, she and her family still manage to regularly stay in touch. While sitting down to breakfast, her workday begins. She checks her email, Instagram, and pitches stories to Stylecaster. It’s this kind of go-getter drive that has propelled her to her current position as editor. She also swears by healthy habits such as regular Vedic meditation and Elle McPherson’s Ultra-Green Super Elixir (which she normally sips on her walk to work). This morning, she chooses a cheerful, patterned dress with modern chunky heels, and dons her daily finishing touches: Coco Chanel perfume and neutral lipstick. Stepping out onto the bright red steps that lead up to her apartment building, she begins the walk through her charming neighborhood, feeling fortunate to spend the day doing what she loves. 


Waking Up with Mike Chau

On a normal weekday, Mike Chau rises at 6:30am with the help of his alarm clock and engages in his morning phone-checking regimen: work emails, two Instagram accounts, and personal emails. He prepares for the day, downs a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, snatches a black cold brew (the only coffee he drinks) from either Black Seed Bagels or Kaffee 1668, and walks to work in Battery City Park. But today is a Saturday, and things in the Chau household look a lot different this morning. Instead of putting on his Software Development hat, Mike gets to play the role of Dad and Instagram-extraordinaire by spending time with his family while creating content for his popular IG account, @foodbabyny. His weekends often begin with a long run to one of his favorite doughnut shops, Dun-Well Doughnuts or Dough Loco, where he indulges in a breakfast treat that he surely earned on the way. The rest of the day is spent exploring other good eats the city has to offer, and along for the ride (typically by train, by car if it’s available) are his wife, Alexandra, and son, Matthew. While roaming the city with a child can be cumbersome, including Matt in the fun is a huge component of what has made Food Baby a success. Mike has made it his business to taste test hundreds of hot dining spots around the city, and uses Food Baby as a platform to share his favorites with followers by posting photos of the food with Matt’s reaction. Whether he is photographed picking pepperonis off a pizza slice, or simply just asleep in the background, any photo that Matt makes an appearance in is an instant hit, and we can see why. Mouth-watering food photography and squeezable baby cheeks – what’s not to love? What we Food Baby fans don’t see is the morning scramble of getting a toddler ready for a day on the town, but Mike believes the extra effort and stroller-lugging is all worth it, and lovingly refers to the diaper bag filled with Matt’s essentials (including some healthier food options) as his “Favorite”.  Come Monday, Mike will be back to his 6:30ampre-work routine, but for now, it’s all family and food, an occasion special enough for Matt to insist upon wearing his tuxedo, and neither Mike or Alex are going to disagree with him.


Waking Up with Harold Eytan

When Harold Eytan is “home” the bustle of the West Village lies just outside his front door, but his work in Global Venture Development has brought him across the Atlantic to London. Regardless of what time zone Harold wakes up in, he maintains a standard 7am alarm setting. Having grown up in Geneva, Switzerland, he is no stranger to adjusting to new environments, and has learned the importance of keeping his morning consistent. Harold’s fresh-out-of-bed routine can be broken down into five words: emails, music, shower, clothes, coffee (sometimes the coffee is swapped out for green juice, depending on what side of the beverage bed he wakes up on). When in the West Village, he chooses to pick up his coffee at Bonsignour where he basks in the relaxed environment like he has nowhere else to be, a feeling that has a certain truth to it since he often works from home or at cafes when in the city. Another major perk of Bonsignour is the iconic benches from where people/dog watching is in abundance. In this busy stage of life, Harold is still determined to be a dog owner again (both his Lab and English Bulldog recently passed), and he freely admits that one of his favorite scents is “puppy smell”, a sure fire sign that dog-fatherhood is just around the bend. Something else Harold looks forward to on his jaunts back to the city are the breakfast wraps, which he has found West Village does exceptionally well. Upon his move, he realized his attempts to find a wrap of equal quality in London were futile, and instead he savors 11th St Cafés four egg omelette + chives wrap or a kale wrap at The Elk whenever home. This morning, a morning in London, Harold looks forward to his next visit to West Village and sticks to his five word routine. He laces his Superstar sneakers, tosses his Nike Duffle stuffed with gym clothes over his shoulder, and opens his Spotify app. The subway commute to work awaits him.


Waking Up with Ashley Wein

It’s 7:30am on a workday in the West Village, and Ashley Gilroy Wein, founder, owner and designer at J/Hadley Jewelry, taps the snooze button.  As the sound of traffic reverberates through the window, she wakes slowly. While waiting for the next alarm chime, she enjoys the quiet company of her husband and Marley Bear, her Saint Bernard/lab/retriever mix, and dreams of what the day ahead will bring. One thing is certain: this morning, like every morning, will commence with a mouth-watering smoothie fresh from her Vitamix. The recipe is the same: spinach, kale, green apple, pear, frozen banana, and her secret immune system boosting ingredient, bee pollen. She prepares for the day slowly, straightening her apartment as she goes and listening to her latest podcast obsession, TED talks, while finishing her hair and makeup. Her taste is consistent as she chooses a stylish, neutral outfit that mimics her well-curated, yet eclectic, living space. Her woven tank and boyfriend jeans are perfectly offset by a white leather jacket and modern, clear heels, a look that is certainly right at home amongst the gray walls, classic furnishings, and playful wall hangings. Before kissing her hubby and petting Marley Bear goodbye, she dons her finishing touches: show stopping statement jewelry (her own designs, of course) selected from a display on her dresser and a spritz of her favorite scent, the name of which she refuses to disclose to anyone who asks. To fuel her 20 minute walk to work, she pops into her favorite coffee shop, Upright Brewhouse. The barista is not surprised to see her and whips up her usual order: coffee with steamed almond milk on top (unless it’s summer, then their dangerously caffeinated iced coffee is standard protocol. Ashley freely admits, “it’s like crack”). Hot coffee in hand, she slings her Les Petites Jouers bag over her shoulder, and begins her trek to west Soho for another inspiring day doing what she loves at J/Hadley.